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VE3RIB repeater
Atikokan, ON
147.120 +

VE3RIB-1 digi
Atikokan, ON
144.390 (APRS)

VE3RIB-2 digi
Flanders, ON
144.390 (APRS)

VA3EOA station
Atikokan EOC

VE3YIB station
Atikokan Airport

Broadband HAMnet


The Atikokan Amateur Radio Club participates in Environment Canada's CanWarn program. The purpose of CanWarn is for local storm spotters to report to Environment Canada on severe weather. See the CanWarn Ontario Region home page for more information.

Atikokan's CanWarn protocols are based on those established by Environment Canada, as viewed on their protocol pages.

Initiating a Net

A local net will be declared for the following reasons:

  1. Severe weather warnings.
  2. Tornado watches.
  3. Tornado warnings.

A net may be initiated locally, based on observations, or at the request of Environment Canada. A net control operator shall initiate and operate the net, according to the protocols below, and shall forward any severe weather information gathered by the net to CanWarn. The net control operator initiating the net shall remain in control of the net until the situation is over. If net control must leave the net, control shall be passed on to another qualified operator. Net control operators are trained CanWarn spotters:

Types of Alerts

Condition GREEN

A Severe Weather Watch for the Atikokan area has been issued by Environment Canada.

  • Net control will take check-ins every 20 - 25 minutes.
  • VE3RIB repeater remains open for normal traffic.

Condition YELLOW

A Severe Weather Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Warning or a Tornado Watch has been issued for the Atikokan area by Environment Canada.

  • Net control will take check-ins.
  • VE3RIB repeater is closed to normal traffic, and may disconnected from links.
  • Net control will ask for reports of hail, damaging winds, wall clouds, funnel clouds, waterspouts, tornados or unusual weather events
  • Net control will repeat Condition Yellow alert every 20 minutes while condition exists.

Condition RED

A Tornado Warning has been issued for the Atikokan Area by Environment Canada.

  • Net control will take check-ins.
  • VE3RIB repeater is closed to normal traffic, and may disconnected from links.
  • Net control will ask for reports of actual tornados, funnel clouds or wall clouds.
  • Net control will repeat Condition Red alert every 15 minutes while condition exists.

Net Phraseology

Each net control operator should have a printed copy of the Net Preambles. This pdf file contains all net phraseology for initiating a net, changing conditions, and terminating the net. Download Atikokan Amateur Radio Club CanWarn Net Phraseology.

Note: the CanWarn reporting number is on your CanWarn card, and can be accessed via the repeater using speed-dial *406. If you do not have the phone number, contact (CanWarn has asked that the reporting number not be made public.)

Use of VA3EOA Station

During a Condition Yellow or Condition Red, it is recommended that the Net Control Operator relocate to the VA3EOA emergency operations station located at the Atikokan Town Hall, for three reasons:

  1. This station has battery and generator backup.
  2. This will help you familiarize yourself with this station.
  3. In the event that the situation progresses to a declared emergency, you will be in the EOC, and able to pass weather (and other) information to the municipal Control Group.

If you are operating from the emergency operations station, identify yourself under the station callsign, VA3EOA. Fill-in the log and the activity summary located in the desk. (If you are net control and not operating from the EOC, identify yourself using your own callsign, and ensure you are prepared for a power outage.)

The computer at the VA3EOA station may be used to monitor the Environment Canada website for current bulletins. Also monitor Atikokan Weatheradio 162.400 for updates.

The VA3EOA station does not currently have a telephone, so you may need to call CanWarn using the autopatch, on speed-dial *406.

Contact VE3FYN Warren or VE3AKX Vic for VA3EOA access procedures.

Power Outage Procedures

Municipal Office

If you are operating from the Atikokan Municipal Office, there is backup power in the event of a power outage. In the event that the backup generator does not start, there is an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) connected to the computer. Turn off the computer, then disconnect the UPS from the computer. Connect the computer to the power supply for the two metre radio only, and operate as long as you can. If you do not have a portable radio with you, ask someone to bring you one in the event that the UPS fails.


The VE3RIB repeater has backup battery power and a backup generator. If there is a power outage at the repeater, you will hear the alert: "Power out at repeater cabin" repeated every five minutes until power is restored. The length of time the repeater will operate on battery power is entirely dependent on the amount of traffic. Note that there may be a power outage where you are but not at the repeater, and vice-versa. Note also that the Weatheradio is located in the repeater shack, and will only operate for a short time in the event of a power outage. In severe weather conditions, people may be relying on the Weatheradio for information.

If you are in a Condition Yellow, or a Condition Red and there is a power outage at the repeater, take the following steps:

Contact VE3FYN Warren for repeater access procedures.

Emergency Contacts

Weather events that are likely to cause severe property damage should be reported to the Public Works foreman on call at 597-2135, or *405 on the repeater. Other important emergency contacts are listed below.



Speed Dial

Fire / Ambulance / Police emergency



Atikokan OPP



Atikokan Ambulance



Atikokan Fire Hall



Atikokan General Hospital



Atikokan Public Works




(Not listed)


Highway Conditions (winter)



CanWarn Files

CanWarn files used with permission.